About us

About Us

Gentle Passage ITS and Media cc was established in 2004 to support small to medium-sized companies with their information technology solutions and services to effectively run and manage their businesses. Every business need IT components to effectively serve its customers, in the near future businesses that do not have an online presence will not survive. Our main responsibility is to help businesses get into the habit of using information technology solutions in order to stay relevant in the market.

Our Services

Computer and Software sales, installations and repairs – We come to your office for preparation, setup and configurations of networks for your hardware to communicate to each other for the benefit of your business.

Application and system development – Will take your business specification and requirements, convert into technical specification, design and develop an application that will help grow your business by attract customers to your business.

Windows software and computer security antivirus total protection – protect your business from viruses and hackers, might be expensive to cure after hackers stole your customers’ data and or damaged your business.

Website design, hosting and emails – most small business are still using gmail and yahoo accounts, this is not professional and can scare customers.

Printers and consumables – will assist you to choose the correct printer for your business, to save you money on ink and provide the printing needs in your business.

IT Support – networking, configuration and setup – via Teamviewer or callout.

Our online affiliates stores:

Business and Industrial Supplies

Mobile Phones Accessories

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Electronics and Accessories

We have an extensive expertise in IT specializing in software and hardware development.